Why do I not receive a reply to my email query?

All emails are answered normally within 24 hours. If you do not receive a reply it may be that your firewall is too strong to allow a return email to enter. Please ensure that you can receive an email from – chambersassociation@gmail.com

Can I buy Oswald Chambers books in other languages?

Sadly we have no mechanism for handling all the other language editions of Utmost and other books. Therefore you will need to contact the publishers in the country in question. Contact details as far as we have them are on the Other Languages page. Sometimes publishers change their internet details and do not inform us.

Can I quote from Oswald Chambers say in a Church Magazine?

You do not need permission to use a small quotation. Please attach to the quote its source. But for longer quotations please email your actual request using the contact form.

Can I publish Oswald Chambers books?

All Oswald Chambers books are still subject to copyright and cannot be published without our permission. Permissions are handled on our behalf by Discovery House. We only work through established Christian publishers. This ensures the books are of good quality and can be distributed correctly.

Does OCPAL still publish books?

Originally all the publishing was done by OCPAL but they began to use other publishers. As the words of Oswald Chambers became known copyright licenses were granted in other countries. Today all the books are published on our  behalf by Discovery House Publishers, Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA.

What is OCPAL?

Oswald Chambers Publications Association Limited is a British charity founded on 18th March 1942 to advance the Christian religion through the writings of the late Oswald Chambers. It also supported Mrs Biddy Chambers as she wrote and published the books from Oswald’s preaching and teaching. The charity is also a Company limited by guarantee having no shareholders. Today the charity has six Trustees. Four from the United Kingdom and two from the USA.